The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope

It appears at every Christian get together and yet is possibly the worst dish known to man. It's quiche of course and I want to see it banned. It's slimy, it's cheesy and it's almost certainly of the devil.

Now you have the chance to have an impact on world history. As the quiche-haters of this planet join forces and sign this petition, church leaders everywhere will be forced to say "NO" to quiche. Let's stop the e-flangelicals. Join me and say BAN THE FLAN!

To the Pope/Archbishop of Canterbury: I, the undersigned, say quiche has no place in right-thinking Christian society. No longer can I stand back and see quiche appear at every Christian get together. I urge you to ban this foul dish from our church halls and events for all time. Thank you.

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The Christians Against Quiche petition to The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope was written by Mark Saxby and is in the category Humor at GoPetition.