#Animal Welfare
Government and council

Dogs are killed in opening hours with local community there looking to buy animals, there is no website with all the animals advertised, no networking to help find homes for these animals, there is nowhere to find what animals are in need of urgent re homing b4 being killed, all animals are killed at random there is no time limit for them to be saved.

Campbelltown pound had 10 applications for rescues to help and only 3 were approved! They should be open longer hours to give people that work a chance to adopt a dog.

Campbelltown pound needs Improvements:

* New Management or a change in how they run their Pound;

* They need to accept more rescues: 10 applied they accepted 3;

* Up to date website with all animals on it and if they are urgent or not;

* Facebook page to help network these animals as a lot of good pounds do;

* To put animal down humanely and not in opening hours!

* Allow rescues to volunteers and walk, brush the animals.

* Longer Business hours Monday:

9.00am - 3.30pm
Tuesday to

9.00am - 3.00pm

9.00am - 12 noon

Closed Sundays and Public Holidays
This is not good enough and does not give the dogs good enough chance to be adopted!

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