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The British People
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Degeneracy on our streets with gang culture & knife-crime. Why can't we speak the TRUTH ?

We are allowed to address the Pakistani rape gangs existing today but why must we never mention the ethnicity of modern day knife criminals?


Before the lockdown, the rate of knife-crime across Britain was soaring out of control and as soon as we are out of self-isolation, the gang culture may well return with much suppressed force. This time, we must not let political correctness dictate what we can and can't actually report about the crime and the facts we're allowed to share. We were always very quick to identify the ethnicity of knife VICTIMS (which fair to say was predominantly black) but never the culprits. Before the knife epidemic returns to our streets again, we MUST defy this politically-correct blasphemy of criticising Afro-Caribbeans and finally address the common ethnicity behind the problem - and many problems like it.

We need to set up a campaigning body to tell us what the media won't, and enable us the freedom to finally address the black community without fear of racism. This body would act as our resistance to the popular "black appeasement culture" of today, created by white liberals to make the black community both unaccountable and untouchable. Such resistance need not be nationalistic but made up of ordinary, everyday people along with victims of street crime who are tired of being silenced just to remain 'ok' by popular culture.

This initiative need neither be racist in any way, just racially aware and based upon race realism. Let's touch the untouchable and dare to be unpopular by politically-correct standards, let us be able to identify the TRUTH.

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