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In 2008, the local bus stop in Hinchinbrook was taken out due to the route changes of Busabout's 854. People in the community have to walk up to the main road which is at the minimum of 20 mins walk and in the weather conditions takes longer.

There is roadwork going on in the main road, Hoxton Park rd, and the conditions are also very bad as there is mud everywhere. Everyone is reducing pollution by trying to use public transport however this cannot be achieved if there is no access to use it.

People need help and we need as much people as we could get, please help me. You do not need to be in the area to participate, any area is okay, we just need supporters!

In 2008, Hinchinbrook’s local bus stop was removed due to the change of the route of the Busabout bus. This has impacted our daily lives, as the local bus stop is approximately 20 minutes walk as the minimum to the bus stop on Hoxton Park Rd.

In regard to the new road work taking place on Hoxton Park, the conditions are more demanding as wet weather has muddy conditions due to the rain and also dry weather making it really hard to walk in the hot conditions.

Everyone is being effected, local school students - who carry a heavy load in their back packs and also not being able to participate in extra curriculum activities which take place before or after school hours, local elderly people – the conditions are severe for them as it is harder to get to public transport, also local workers and local university students.

Your input can help many people and also help reduce pollution in the area as public transport will be more efficient. We can make a difference, please support the community, even if you are not a part of the area, please support this issue as it will help a lot of people.

Please support me in this issue. If you would like any further information, or you would like to contact me, please email

We need our local bus stop back and it’s time to do it now or never! We need as much people as we can get and please help!
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