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Do you have a monthly household budget? Have you cut your spending to stay within that budget?

America has a very serious ailment and most, if not all of us, agree that the cause is the deficit that is accumulating due to excessive government overspending and lack of action to improve the economy and develop an environment that creates jobs.

Do you want the excessive borrowing to stop? Do you want our government to start operating within a budget?

All sides are going to need to be part of the spending fix. With the debt ceiling nearing again, some serious changes in spending need to happen before the borrowing limit be increased. It is imperative for as many Americans as possible sign this petition and send a message to Washington.

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We the People of the United States of America hereby petition Congress (House of Representatives and Senate) and Executive Office (President, Vice President and executive appointees) to:

Have a federal budget in place for the first time since 10/1/09 prior to any increase in the debt ceiling.

Enforce federal government shutdown if there is not a budget in place for the beginning of any fiscal year (starting with 10/1/13).

Pass legislation prohibiting continuation amendments to just continue the existing budget (and then overspend it by more than $1.1 trillion).

Pass a balanced budget amendment.

Further take the following actions to reduce spending and share the responsibility for resolution among all our federal representatives:

Each member of the House (435) and Senate (100) should find one area of federal spending that is unnecessary, obsolete or excessive. The Executive Office, appointees and Department Directors should also each find unnecessary, obsolete or excessive spending areas.

Implement the identified spending reductions prior to reducing entitlements which is currently seen in Washington as the only way to save money.

The undersigned citizens of the United States hereby sign this petition to inform all of our Washington representatives of our desires for action.

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