Send PonyCON AU to Adelaide!

If Sydney get a change then why can't us Adelaideans?

PonyCON AU will feature all kinds of cool My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic merchandise, chats with fellow Bronies or Pegasisters and even numerous amounts of concerts!

Read below for the full description of the PonyCON AU.

"Saddle up for PonyCon AU, Australia's first convention for the popular franchise My Little Pony! Ponycon AU will run over the weekend, and will give bronies and families alike the opportunity to get cool merchandise, talk to notable fans who have involved themselves with the show, and dance to fan-made music during our evening concert."

We would like to get around 300+ bronies, pegasisters and families to sign the petition.

Try to get as many people to sign up, share with your friends on Facebook or even write posters at your school!

Go to the link below to get all the rough details on the show in Sydney (if they come, it probably wont be 100% the same):


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