International school of Amsterdam

lalala was asked by a friend lalalal to buy him 150 euros worth of cannabis with lala's own money for lala's friend. lala accepted this as a friend and thought nothing of it.

lala then did as planned and returned the cannabis to lala outside of the school grounds. lala gained no profit from the deal.

lala has now been expelled from the school on the grounds of drug dealing and the possession of marijuana.
According to the school handbook
“Suspension from school is given for very serious offences or persistent neglect of these school standards. The period of suspension is variable. Three suspensions within a student’s career at lala school are grounds for expulsion.”

According to this rule a student needs at least three suspensions within their career in order to be expelled. lala has not had even one suspension over his entire lala school career.

We believe that lala's expulsion from the international lala school was unjust and should be reconsidered. We do not believe that lala’s actions were worthy of total expulsion.

We have always known lala as a hardworking student and a friend who has always tried his hardest to do what is best for everyone. We believe that lala meant no harm by what he had done and was simply helping out a friend.

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