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The music of 100 Monkeys; which consists of members Jerad Anderson, Ben Graupner, Ben Johnson, and Jackson Rathbone; is often improvised, typically fun, and always unique. The band has become very popular in a short amout of time, with loyal and loving fans spanning the globe.

To this point, 100 Monkeys has performed primarily on the LA, Canada and East Coast cities. Many Southern Fans are unable to attend these shows and feel that they deserve Monkey love just as much as their Northern counterparts. Considering that one of the band members is a Southern boy, it would be a tragedy to deprive us the opportunity to experience the music and mayhem that is rumored at 100 Monkeys shows as well as the chance of hearing the word “Darlin’” live.

Therefore, Southern 100 Monkeys fans respectfully request that 100 Monkeys considers scheduling a show in Atlanta.

We the undersigned 100 Monkeys fans of the South do believe that the 100 Monkeys should schedule a show in Atlanta around the time of the Twilight Convention, July 10-12.

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