#Breed Clubs/Breeders Rights
Canadian Kennel Club

Recently the Canadian Kennel Club reached out to its members by asking that Breed Clubs give them the information they required, so that the CKC could change their standard.

It was at that time that a reading of the current By Laws of the CKC, revealed that some years ago, we lost our control of our standards, and they became the property of the CKC.

Here is the rule the CKC Bylaws:

Section 25.4


The standards of breeds recognized by the Club shall be those standards published in the current edition of the Club’s Book of Breed Standards.

The Board shall have the authority to adopt new breed standards, and to amend any standards adopted by the Club previous to the enactment of this By-law.

A group of 20 members from 3 CKC districts are proceeding with the long task of presenting a petition for a new referendum that will give the standards back to the breed clubs where they belong. We hope to present this at the CKC meeting March 16 in Victoria BC.

As a Breed Association incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act, the CKC is required to be a democratic organization. Our path is clear.

Do you want the CKC to design your breed for you? Who knows more about your breed than you? The CKC is certainly not as invested in your breed as you are. The CKC has advised us that they own the breeds, not us.

Please join us in preserving our breeds.

Cherie Holmes

We the undersigned, call on the CKC to return breed standards to the National Breed Clubs.

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