Boston Licensing Board
United States of America

Dear South Boston Neighbors,

We’re asking your support to help make your shopping experience easier and more convenient!

As we have done for years in our South End store, Foodie’s is looking to offer high quality, competitively priced beer and wine in our South Boston store for our customers' convenience. Our South End store offers small stock micro-brews, specialty beers, and domestic favorites. We do not sell kegs, nips, singles, or beer in larger quantities than 12 packs. We will do the same in South Boston.

We also look forward to providing an excellent wine selection that offers something for everyone. Please sign our petition and help us to become a more convenient place to shop!

We, the undersigned, call upon the Boston Licensing Board to grant Foodie's Markets a Beer & Wine License at their South Boston store located on 230 W. Broadway Boston, MA 02127 to improve the convenience of their customers' and the neighborhood's overall shopping experience.

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