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This rebuttal letter is written to reflect on the staunch global community of conscientious humankind in opposition to the Professor and Medical Doctor Ariel Barkan's ad hominem prose entitled "Armenian Tale of Turkish Genocide Simply Untrue", as published on the Jewish Exponent's web page on May 17, 2007 (

In his letter, Dr. Barkan presents himself as a transplanted reborn "Israeli Jew, originally from the former Soviet Union" and pretends to have "no dog in the Turkish-Armenian fight". Along with a large number of honest world citizens who endorse this statement herein, I am shocked by his illogical fallacy. Dr. Barkan belligerently claims that there was no Armenian Genocide. In cold blood and with certain ulterior motives, he writes, "there was no genocide because of the lack of intent or organized action on the part of the Turkish government to exterminate Armenians as such." This statement by Dr. Barkan leaves the reader perplexed and in awe.

Why was it then, in retrospect that giants such as Roosevelt and Churchill were ethically compelled to cite the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian civilians, some estimating it to as many as two-millions, whereby the Turkish government orchestrated the organized horrors of Armenian massacre – and Dr. Barkan now denies it nearly a hundred years thereafter?

Dr. Barkan continues with the apotheosis of cynicism by ranting that "the 'ethnic cleansing' was limited to Eastern Anatolia. No Armenian in Istanbul was expelled or harmed." With intransigence, Dr. Barkan exposes his arrogance and impotency as a scholar. I believe the pictures of Armenians murdered in Istanbul and other places in Turkey speak for themselves (

In fact, on April 24, 1915 – the day that is commemorated worldwide as the Day of Armenian Genocide, hundreds of Armenian leaders were gathered and murdered in Istanbul. Dr. Barkan continues by labeling Armenians as terrorists, writing that Armenians "…unleashed an unprecedented terrorist campaign against ethnic Turks that resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians" thus presenting Armenians not as victims of the Turkish military regime but as mad-dogs who were justifiably exterminated.

He further rants by twisting history and falsely claiming that the Turkish government had nothing to do with this massacre – in fact, according to the Medical Doctor Barkan, many Armenians "were killed by the Kurdish gangs, while others died of infections and starvation…"

Dr. Barkan's letter in the on-line Jewish newspaper and his baseless allegations are simply absurd. Sadly, the pungent odor from his statement is rooted at the University of Michigan (UM). Ironically, the UM Comprehensive Cancer Center and Geriatrics Center Building was erected largely because of the 3 million dollar donations from the Mardigian "Armenian" Foundation (1996) endowed by Edward and Helen Mardigian's benevolence, whose extended family suffered immensely from the Genocide inflicted against them by the Turkish Government, and as a result, were forced to leave their homes in search for a safer life in the U.S.

While tracing Dr. Barkan's extra-curricular activity are far beyond his expertise or primary professional obligations, one can find him writing against several nations: Armenians, Egyptians, Palestinians, Persians (Iranians), Greeks, and Russians – just to name a few. In lieu of the human community to expect an even higher ethical standard observed by those in the medical professions, it behooves us as to the exact underpinning motivations of Professor Barkan to make such flabbergasting and abominating illogical fallacies.

On the August 22, 1939, Adolf Hitler boasted: "Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?" On May 17, 2007, the Jewish Internet-newspaper published a letter, which says, "There was no [Armenian] genocide, because of the lack of intent or organized action on the part of the Turkish government to exterminate Armenians as such." This letter was ostentatiously signed: "Ariel Barkan, M.D., Ann Arbor, Michigan." There are 68 years between the two above quotes and supposedly fundamental contrast between this Professor of Medicine and that simple lance corporal. Sadly, one can see striking similarities between these two quotes and as a result these two men.

Nobody knows exactly how many people were slaughtered in the events of Genocide or Holocaust. The most accurate estimates put the number at 1.5-3 million Armenians and 6 million Jews. Other massacres of people by their own governments are also known (Rwanda, Iraq, Cambodia, Soviet Union, China, etc.) in the international community.

In the name of humanity and for the sake of peace and tranquility for all human races, let us STOP Prof. Dr. Barkan, a self-declared prophet of illogical fallacies and innuendos, and his defamation and slanderous rhetoric against entire nations.

Horrors of Armenian Genocide, or Jewish Holocaust and/or other politically driven massacres must never happen again anywhere, and any time in the world.

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