Governor Jan Brewer State of Arizona
United States of America

On January 8th, 2011 US House of Representative Gabrielle Giffords became incapacitated due to being shot in the head, through no fault of her own. In consideration of this severe and significant wound became incapacitated to the extent that she could no longer fulfill her duly sworn duties in representing Arizona's Congressional District #8.

It is requested that the Governor of the State of Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer proclaim that this US House of Representative seat to be vacant due to the cause stated above.

Due to the severe and significant injuries being sustained by US House of Representative Gabrielle Giffords from a gunshot wound to the head, I request that the Governor of the State of Arizona, Governor Janet Brewer to proclaim that the seat currently held by Rep. Giffords. Arizona's Congressional District #8 to be vacant; and, that a Primary Election and General Election for this seat be initiated in a timely fashion.

In accordance with Arizona's Constitution, to wit: Article 7, Section 17. There shall be a primary and general election as prescribed by law, which shall provide for nomination and election of a candidate for United States senator and for representative in congress when a vacancy occurs through resignation or any other cause.

And further supported by ARS 16-221. Special election to fill vacancy in Congress Special elections to fill a vacancy in the office of a representative in Congress shall be held only on the proclamation of the governor and for that purpose only.
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