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I came to UK in 2009 on a highly skilled immigrant visa. I am a single parent with two kids and my life has been a continuous struggle. My first marriage couldn’t work because my ex was a heroine addict, domestically abusive and too demanding. One day he nearly beat me to dead as I couldn’t give money to him for his addiction.

Despite all these abuses I didn't want to leave him as a divorced woman has no respect in society. But seeing me and my kids life in danger I came to my parents house and decided to study. Me and my kids had to face lots of challenges and family opposition as no one liked me to go out of house to work and study especially with men. But i faced all the challenges very strongly just keeping my kids life and future in mind. I knew that if i wont get independent we will always be a burden and will never get a respectable place in society.

Its very difficult for a single mother to live in our society. I decided to move abroad and applied for a UK work permit. I came to UK and also called my kids after one year. I got married here secretly without telling my family members, to a German citizen whom I met through a dating website. It was just a religious marriage.and never got registered as my partner was not interested in that. The reason I later found out he is already married in Germany with 5 kids and a wife. That was a big shock for me. In 2010 i went to Pakistan alone without kids to see my father who was very ill. There my brother found out about my secret relation with a man. As it was something i did against my culture and religion i was abused badly by my family. They blamed me for having illicit relations. I was tortured and beaten very badly by my elder brother who locked me in the room and told me that i will never be allowed to go back as i am doing shameful things there.. He also held my kids accountable in these shameful acts and said that he will marry my daughter forcefully where ever he likes so that she couldnt follow her mother's footsteps. . I somehow managed to escape from there with the help of my younger sister who felt sympathy towards me. I took a sigh of relief of coming back to UK When my leave to remain was about to expire i applied for asylum. unfortunately it was rejected with no right of apeal, I was made destiture and homeless again went to the worst trauma of our life.

I was working and paying taxes in UK for last 3 yrs. I had always contributed to the economy and had never been a burden on public funds. Its not safe for me and my kids to go back, My kids are at the peak of their youth. They are in full time education here . Their life will be ruined if they are asked to discontinue their education. They will no longer be able to continue their education. We are all so much depressed and in extreme psychological and mental pressure. We face extreme insecurity and threat of deportation and sending back to a place where death is waiting for us. I therefore request you to join hands with me and sign this petition to allow us to stay in UK.

Pls do the following to support this campaign:

1. Email Geral kaufman, Ms Aisha’s MP, to urge him to take some reasonable measures to secure their ILR. You can email him at
If you are in his constituency please give your address in the email.

2. Email Theresa May at / / /

3. Email friends and ask them to join this campaign, sign the petition at

Email Sir Gerald Kaufman, Theresa May as below:

Dear Home Secretary,

Subject: HO Ref No J1206457

I am writing to express my very grave concerns at the current immigration status of Ms Aisha Imtiaz and her two kids Ameer and Kainat. There asylum application was refused on 9th Match 2012 with no in country right of appeal and they were made destiture afterwards.

The family is in extreme pressue as they continuously face the threat of life. Ms Imtiaz daughter is likely to get married forcefully on her return and her son is also in psychological pressure and unable to face that humiliation again. We feel it would be unfair to send them back under the current circumstance

The family is much loved and respected by many people in the wider community who have formed close friendships over the past more than three years. In spite of all these problems they have volunteered actively and involved in a number of community-based groups.

The family has a right to a life which they would not be able to sustain if returned to Pakistan.


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