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When trying to rent a house in Evansville surrounding areas they always say they are against the "Aggressive Breeds". Well technically all dogs can be aggressive. So you shouldn't allow any breeds. Some people are aggressive. Not all pitbulls are aggressive; it's how they are raised.

I have trained my dogs not to bite people unless they are harming their families. I can bite my dog on its lip, ear, tail. i can pull on them lay on them do as i please and they lick me in return.. my niece can ride them and do as she wishes to my babies and they lick her to death. Also read the michael vick story most of the dogs he FAUGHT were rehomed to families with children. They want someone to love and someone to love them back.

There were so many of my family and friends who were scared of our pitbulls and when they finally met them, they felt stupid for being scared of them..

I believe that landlords should either have to meet the animals before denying to rent to someone. If the "aggressive" breed owner has insurance on the animal itself they should rent to them.

It's almost impossible to find a home in the evansville area to rent if you own one of these so called "aggressive breed".. You literally have to live in a "slum house" with a slum lord to be able to have your dogs. I have had about enough!

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