ELTA S.A. - Board of Directors / Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission

This campaign is to stop the rip-off delivery charges affecting homes and businesses in my own constituency of Athens and across Greece.

As of 03.03.2020 the new pricelist of Hellenic Post make Greece having the most expensive in EU if not Globally delivery charges. This is an infringment of national laws, Obligation Chart of the ELTA SA, and Universal Postal Union guidelines that is mandatory to comply with.

A single internal letter of 20g costs 1,90 euros and external 2 euros.It's about 163% and 122% increase in price.

Also the removal of geographical zones,stepping weights, as well as the standardization of maximum weight of postal items which are long ago defined by the Universal Postal Union make the prices go even higher in certain cases.

We, the undersigned call the board of directors of ELTA SA to remove the new delivery charges and replace with a new one that complies with Universal Postal Union guidelines as are described in Universal Postal Conventions and Regulations.

We,the undersigned ask the intervention of the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission for these changes that are against and way off the Universal Postal Union guidelines,conventions and regulations, so the new price-list of services gets completely abolished and the new one gets closer to universal standards.

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