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In every state and the District of Columbia high school students can take the ACT in February. However, the test is not offered in the state of New York. Why?

In 1979 the legislation passed the Truth-in-Testing Law, which has the affect of disallowing the ACT standardized test being offered to New York high schoolers in the month of February.

This petition is asking the New York State Senate, New York General Assembly and New York Governor's office to amend the 1979 law thereby allowing our students to have the same opportunity as the rest of the country.

I ask that you, as a high school student, sign this petition which I then will share with the legislature and executive branches.

For more specific information on how New York got into this awkward situation, please visit this NYSEAC website.

This petition asks the members of the New York Senate, General Assembly and the Governor's office to make the necessary changes to the 1979 Truth-In-Testing ADD STATUTE NUMBER The goal is to educate the NY State Legislature and Governor's office of the issue of having no ACT in NY State in February.

The current situation puts New York High School students at a disadvantage with the students from all the other states and the District of Columbia.

Please sign the petition and join me in bringing this problem to our elected officials' attention.

Dennis Ilmelä
Trinity-Pawling School
Pawling, NY

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