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I am a single mother in South Carolina who has been the caregiver for her 4 yr old son as well as his disabled Veteran dad up until last year. Now in a sudden change of event my ex husband, the afore mentioned disabled Veteran is petitioning the courts to take sole custody of our son. He has severe PTSD which is why o was his caregiver and has less than stable living conditions. His interest in sole custody is merely the product of manipulation by his close relationship with a woman of no relation to my child. I am asking that anyone who has witnessed my competences as a parent or has witnessed the unfortunate conditions my ex husband are under please sign thia in favor of my contonued custody of my dear son. My son has never been in unsupervised care of my ex husband and I would not advise that he does until he is of an age where he can independently care for himself in his company. Please sign this in support of my son's wellbeing.

I sign this petition in favor of sole custody being given to Robyn R. Winston- Coleman. I attest to the fact that she is both willing and capable to continue the duties of a mother and provider for her son. It is in the child's best interest to be with his mother.

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