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NYC government arranged for property taxes to automatically increase based on criteria they determine to reflect the market. The City takes in the tax money from auto increases - whether they need the money or not. If a taxpayer cannot pay the tax - the City seizes the property for non-payment or sells a lien on the taxpayer's property.

This system works great for the politicians who don't have to do the work of actually voting on and approving tax increases. It also benefit the politicos because they do not have to admit to voters that they voted for tax increases. Yeah - it makes them look good - while hurting property owners. This is another indication of who little the NYC political establishment cares for taxpayers. They just want you to automatically send in your money - more, more, more!

Automatic Tax Increases are unfair and unconstitutional. It's unfair because property owners must individually contest tax increases which is often too great a burden for each property taxpayer. The City thereby divides taxpayers and counts on most taxpayers to submit to their power because many taxpayers do not have the resources to fight against it. It's unconstitutional because no one voted for the tax increase - not the taxpayer nor the elected representative. The auto increase provision must be repealed.

In addition, the City has taken over $5 Billion of excess taxes through auto increases - by increasing property taxes far above the change in property values since the year 2000. They were able to gain this excess amount because taxpayers, individually, cannot fight the City (as described above). For example, during the financial crisis, when property values generally were flat or declining, the City raised property taxes. For all the above reasons - we demand a refund which we estimate to be $5 billion.

The property taxpayers of New York City demand an end to automatic tax increases and a refund of taxes in an amount we estimate to be $ 5 Billion collected since 2000 due to increases that exceeded the change in property values.

We, the undersigned electors and legal voters of The City of New York, in the State of New York, qualified to vote at the next general or special election, respectfully petition the NYC Mayor, NY City Council and Governor of New York.

In witness whereof, we have signed our names on the dates indicated next to our signatures.

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