To Save The Historic Trams and Depot Form The Sydney Trams

In The 60's The Trams of Sydney were taken away, now 1 of only a few remaining pices of tram history in Sydney might be lost for ever. The Rozelle Tram Depot. Inside the depot live R Class trams and R1 Class Trams, one of which was the last to ever run on the Sydney Network.

These trams today lie smashed broken, vandalised and neglected. The depot might soon be torn down, with the trams future unsure. Please Help The trams of Sydney

Most people before the 60's might remember riding on the Sydney Trams.

Now the trams are gone, and only a few of the original depots survive. One of the depots if the former Rozelle tram depot, which holds the last tram to ever run on the Sydney network.

Please sign this petition to say no the removal of the tram depots, and the Trams themselves.

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