Thanks to everyone who signed the petition to save 16mm print at Deluxe Soho - the response was overwhelming and showed the number of people and institutions who will be affected by this decision.

The petition was submitted, with over 5000 signatures and counting, to Deluxe management on 8 March. On Friday 11 March, Deluxe Soho confirmed that it will no longer be offering a 16mm print service (although neg processing will continue). This is a very sad decision, particularly for those at Deluxe Soho who will lose their jobs as a consequence.

We hope that the scale of demand which clearly still exists for 16mm print will encourage other labs and interested institutions to step into the breach. While the campaign to save the service at Deluxe is now over, hopefully the critical mass which it built up can be a first step towards establishing an alternative.

This petition is now closed.

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