Layton Utah District Attorney's Office
United States of America

We are requesting that the City of Layton District Attorney's office in the County of Davis of the State of Utah investigate baby Elizabeth's murder from Layton, Utah.

Elizabeth Fay Mariani was found upside down in a bedroom trash can, severely bruised and suffocated to death on Valentine's Day in 2007. It has been over four years since her murder and no one has been charged!

Please sign our petition to have this murder investigated properly so baby LizzyBee will get the justice that she deserves!

We, the undersigned, request that the murder of baby Elizabeth Fay Mariani (9/15/06~2/14/07) be properly investigated.

Baby Elizabeth was severely bruised and suffocated to death, and her dead body was found upside down in a bedroom trash can on Valentine's Day of 2007 in Layton, Utah.

Only a monster could do such a horrific thing to an innocent baby, and then put her tiny body in a trash can like she was garbage!

Elizabeth deserves a full investigation by the Layton Utah District Attorney's office, baby Elizabeth who's abuse went unprotected until she was murdered at four months old deserves Layton, Utah's attention!

Please help baby LizzyBee get justice now!

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