Whereas universities and various technical institutes train engineering cadres, registration and licensing is by professional bodies.

In Kenya, Engineers Registration Board of Kenya is the body mandated by law to define categories of engineers, technologists and technicians. ERB is required by law to register persons who have followed a recognized structured curriculum and have demonstrated competency in their field of engineering.

Currently there are 18 engineering programmes recognized by Engineers Registration Board of Kenya as offering opportunities towards registration, although there are 30 engineering degree programmes offered in public universities. Environmental and Biosystems Engineering is offered at the University of Nairobi but is currently not recognized by the Engineers Registration Board of Kenya.

It is terrifying to think that that universities have been admitting some of the best brains to read for five-year engineering degrees whose career paths lead nowhere because the Engineers Registration Board of Kenya does not recognize them.

We, the students undertaking the Bsc. Environmental and Biosystems Engineering, ask your support in pushing the Engineers Registration Board of Kenya to register Environmental and Biosystems Engineering graduates.

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