Kitsap Regional Library Board of Trustees
United States of America

It has been announced that Kitsap Regional Library (KRL) plans to close the library on Sundays, starting February 6, 2011.

We think the community can raise the necessary funds to keep the libraries open on Sundays. We invite you to sign the petition to tell the Board of Trustees you disagree with this decision and to consider participating in raising the necessary funds.

As of now there are about 110.000 KRL card members but only 1800 (less than 2%) donate to the KRL Foundation. We think the community can raise the funds needed to keep the library open on Sundays.

Thank you in advance for your concern and support.

We, the undersigned, ask the KRL Board of Trustees to keep the libraries open on Sundays, provide the detailed explanation of KRL financial needs, and ask the community to help raise the necessary funds.

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