City of Regina Saskatchewan

This is a petition to have the City of Regina Saskatchewan amend a bylaw prohibiting any extension cords to run across a sidewalk.

This is a petition to City Council to amend current bylaw # 9900 code 68, which reads;

Cord Across the Sidewalk
68. (1) No person shall place or leave any cord or cable across, above, or on any public
highway or sidewalk.
(2) No person shall allow any cord or cable left across, above, or on any public highway
or sidewalk to be attached to their vehicle while that vehicle is parked on a street.

I am asking for the bylaw to be changed to permit the sometimes necessary placement of an extension cord over the sidewalk, in times such as, but not limited to, maintaining the vehicles mobility during winter months (thereby preventing other infractions.)

I would like to see provisions in the law for residents to use of extension cords for vehicles such as;
“Use of extension cords are permitted when the sidewalks are properly maintained, and the cord is run in a flat straight manner to the vehicle.”


“Use of extension cords are permitted when covered by a City Approved “Cord Cover”, to be purchased at users expense.”

We the undersigned agree that this bylaw ##9900 code 68 needs to be amended, in some way, to better reflect the needs of the residents of the City of Regina who use extension cords to keep their "on street" vehicles running in winter.

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