Prime Minister Cameron, First Minister Robinson, Deputy Minister McGuinness, NIA Members
Northern Ireland

We, the undersigned, residents from Northern Ireland, appeal to the government to take action to continue funding faith-based schools in order to promote a moral climate of universal character values which not only reduces juvenile delinquency but also proactively encourages responsible citizenship and behaviour for pupils in Northern Ireland as youth and adults;

THAT school choice is not only a right of parents in line with their personal philosophy but also is guaranteed by the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights and European Convention of Human Rights which says that the state shall respect parental choice to “ensure such education and teaching in conformity with their own religious and philosophical convictions.”

THAT school choice is a capstone of a stable and diverse society;

THAT parents already pay taxes towards the provision of state-funded faith-based schooling services;

THAT the Catholic Church has greatly contributed towards the funding for Catholic schools which has saved money for taxpayers and reduced the overall cost of education;

THAT one of the chief aims of the Catholics schools is to welcome pupils from all backgrounds and to build a cohesive society for the common good;

THAT the government’s current and longstanding policy on education according to Northern Ireland’s education minister is to:
“…have a single system of education administration supporting a diversity of schools.” Furthermore, “This policy recognizes that the diversity of school types, each with its distinctive character and ethos, is a strength of our educational system. It is also a reflection of parental and learner choice."

THEREFORE, your petitioners (residents of Northern Ireland) request that the members of the Northern Ireland Assembly support legislation for the continued funding of faith-based schools.

The Undersigned

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