don't excecute Abdolreza Ghanbari

Abdolreza Ghanbari received an email allegedly sent by the Mujahedin Khalgh Organization (MKO). The teacher was asked to reply with a telephone number for further contact. Some time after he received the email, Ghanbari was contacted by an individual who claimed to be a representative by the MKO. Ghanbari was asked to participate in street protests and submit his reports later. On the day of Ashura (December 27, 2009), Ghanbari gave the alleged MKO representative a one minute report over the phone and sent a 30 second video clip to the email address.

A week later, on January 4, 2010, Ghanbari was arrested at his work place, a high school in Pakdasht. In the hours and days that followed his arrest, realizing that the agents had a lot of information on him, the teacher agreed to make a false and exaggerated self-incriminating confession in his trial.

On January 29, Ghanabari was taken to a courtroom along with Morteza Samyari, Payam Fanaian, and several others detained in solitary confinement in ward 240 of [Evin prison].

The prisoners were given a list containing a series of questions and desired answers they were expected to [rehearse] and [recite], in return for lighter sentences in the next day’s court hearing.

The prisoners were told to vocalize their right to a lawyer on their videotaped confession to receive more leniency. On January 30, 2010, during a court hearing with presiding judge Salavati, the defendants acted accordingly and accepted all charges. Consequently, judge Salavati sentenced Abdolreza Ghanbari to execution.

Reports by a RAHANA correspondent indicate that the initial email that asked Ghanbari to send protest reports was not sent from an MKO address and could have been sent by the Ministry of Intelligence. A recently released prisoner told RAHANA, “There are a large number of individuals with prior history of political convictions or accusations who have remained persons of interest to the Ministry of Intelligence. Some of them have been arrested without participating in post-election events.”

The death penalty is the outcome of political activity for many Iranians, taking part in protests against the regime should not be the reason for executing a human being.

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