Steven Harper and Gail Shea

The EU has decided to put a ban in place, the market for seal pelts is closed down in Europe . The Canadian government has spent 10 million dollars on a fruitless fight against the ban in the Euro court, to no success.

The Canadian government is not happy about this and has decided to waste tax payers money again, and is planning to take the case to the WTO , while also pursuing a seal product market in China . China has no protection against animals at all, so they're not against the seal hunt .

The seal hunt is damaging international trade, is giving Canada a 'black eye', and is against the wishes of Canadians. The government has expressed that they do not feel that ban is fair. What about Canadians , is it fair to Canadians that the government continues to waste money ? To continue to embarrass our nation and slash other important programs ?

For example the First Nations program for a data base to find missing women ; this has been cut while the Canadian government aggressively appeals the seal ban to the WTO .

It's time that Stephen Harper either gets his priorities straight or please do Canadians a favor and get someone else to lead ..

We as Canadians demand that the Canadian government cease any and all attempts to appeal the EU ban on seal pelts, and stop wasting tax payers money to put the awful and embarrassing seal hunt on emergency support.

Any such failure will result in the undersigned to vote against the government in the next election.

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