Malvern Hills Conservators
United Kingdom

John Redman, his supporters and his solicitor have been telling the Conservators that they lacked the power to implement their plans to take over the building since October 2009. Several prominent board members have been aware since 1993 that they could not establish an information centre at St Ann's Well.

Since then, the board of Conservators have had numerous opportunities to call a halt to the litigation and review the situation.

Why has it taken a year and approaching £40,000 of ratepayers’ money to reach that same conclusion and what measures can they implement to prevent this from happening again?

We, the undersigned, call for a full open and independent inquiry into how Malvern Hills Conservators came to spend tens of thousands of pounds on trying to remove the current tenant at St Anns Well Café when they had no legal grounds to do so.

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