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Springstowne Middle School will be moved to the Hogan High School campus at the end of this school year. They should be allowed to keep their school name after the move. The school is known nationally for the last several years for titles earned in wrestling & band competitions, as well as high test scores.

The community has donated thousands of dollars towards band uniforms & wrestling mats that are imprinted "Springstowne", not "Hogan". The community supports these teams and take a great deal of pride in them. The coaches have put in countless hours towards helping these students acheive these titles. We need to honor our kids and not take their school name from them too. Enough has been taken from them already!

We ask that Springstowne Middle School be allowed to remain by the name Springstowne Middle School after this years closure and re-opening at the Hogan High School campus, and NOT be changed to Hogan Middle or Junior High School.

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