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Lambeth's Police Consultative Group has admitted that Brixton and Lambeth is the highest percentage of 'mentally ill' patients and prisoners in the world.

The IPCC - Independent Police Complaints Commission have also conceded that the issuance of court warrants and the use of the mental health act in terms of complaints against the police is a significant factor.

Under the UN's auspices, they have agreed that this a gross violation of human rights, and have a working group that addresses this issue.

We, the undersigned, are concerned that the mental health act appears to be being abused by the police and state authorities to illegally detain members of the public. We want this appalling abuse of power stopped.

We are aware that there are doctors, local authority workers, and politicians who 'activate' court warrants under this act.

Innocent members of the public (autonomous adults) have had their homes raided by police, social workers and psychiatrist on the word of "anonymous witnesses" with an axe to grid. People have been deposited in mental institutions or put in prison on remand, on the word of a peeved off council worker, or simply because they protested against being stopped and searched by the police.

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