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This is a petition to show that there is nothing wrong with the sport of cockfighting. this has been a tradition in Kentucky and there can be alot of money coming in if it would be taxed.roosters are not animals, they are fowl,if people enjoy horse racing and betting why not cockfighting? obama made a friendly bet and lost lets tax that,we make freindly bets on our chickens why is that so bad when obama can do it openly and its ok?

Horses are breed to run they get hurt and are shot, what's the difference? Kentucky could use this industry to our advantage, just like horse racing.

We the people of the great state of Kentucky call upon the legislature to hear us and make cockfighting legal.

Our fathers before us laid down the sport, it is tradition and perfectly human.we have loved our state and country and we are told it is a free country,it is clearly not. It is not such a bad sport, there are law makers that have family in the sport I'm sure. This will make a dramatic down fall for Kentucky if you pass a bill to make it illegal.lets find a way to meet in the middle. This is in our blood please help us keep our heritage.

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