Premier of Manitoba -Greg Selinger, Minister of Education - Hon. Nancy Allen

Over the past decade the Manitoba Provincial Departments of Education, Health and Family Services have partnered with MFEAT ( Manitoba Families for Effective Autism Treatment) and St Amant to create a Pre-school and School age ABA program.

Many families have benefited from the success of these programs. Many of the these same families will lose critical ABA support services in Aug 2010. This complete cut off of ABA therapy will leave families and schools lost, struggling with a regression of learning and an increase in inappropriate behavior. Also family units will crumble unable to maintain the therapy that had provided much needed structure and positive tools to manage the many struggles of autism.

Please sign your support for the MFEAT proposal which requests ABA support and therapy be extended to children based on individual need, rather than an arbitrary time frame.

Please support our request that the Manitoba Government provide ABA services to school age children before August 2010 runs out.

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