ITV, Granada, Ofcom
United Kingdom

Since 2002 the makers of ITV's I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here have been using live animals in bush tucker trials. Many are bred for the purpose of the show and then are kept in captivity until they are needed for the trials. They are then put into unnatural situations where they become stressed, injured and many die as a result of being eaten, trodden on, drowned etc.

The results from this petition will be sent to ITV, Granada and Ofcom as a complaint so please pass on the information.

Many people have complained in the past but nothing has ever been done to stop it.

Please read link here from the Sun newspaper, dated Nov 24th 2009 which says that a new show entitled 'The Door' will be on prime time Tv and will feature bush tucker trials similar to those used on Im a Celebrity, it will be made by the same producers

We, the undersigned, are urging for the programme makers of ITV's 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' to stop using live animals in bush tucker trials. The use of live animals, no matter how small a creature, is cruel and inhumane.

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