Arabian Horse Association - Board of Directors
United States of America

On May 16th, 2009 the Arabian Horse Association’s Board of Directors passed motion
#16-5/16/09-BOD stating “we believe the reestablishment of the humane processing of horses is in the best interest of the horse and livestock community and, therefore direct our AHA President, Lance Walters, to support the reopening of U.S. equine processing facilities.”

This endorsement is not in accord with the Arabian Horse Association Mission statement:

To promote growth in the interest in, and demand for the Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horse;
preservation of the integrity of the breed;
increased participation in activities involving the Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horse;
recognition by the equine industry and general public about the value and attributes of the Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horse;
and ensure services and benefits that are valuable and convenient for the AHA members.

As this action does not support the Arabian Horse Association’s purpose, intent, and goals, and does not benefit the Association, the membership, or the Arabian breed, the motion must be rescinded.

We, the undersigned, as supporters of the Arabian Horse Association's Mission statement, call on the Board of Directors to rescind the motion supporting the re-opening of U.S. equine slaughter facilities, thereby signifying that the Arabian Horse Association has no position on horse slaughter.

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