Reserve Apartment Residents; 903 S. Winchester Blvd San Jose, CA. 95128
United States of America

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NOTE: This petition is only for current residents at The Reserve Apartments on S. Winchester Blvd San Jose, CA. 95128. No anonymous signers allowed, please provide all information required so that we can form a solid standing petition.

The Reserve Apartments, which we make our home, has been pursuing and just recently obtained permits to upgrade the plumbing in our homes. Through discussion with the property management this process has been in the works for the last TWO years.

Furthermore, property management decided not to disclose this information to future tenants during this two year period. This means if you have moved here within the last two years, then they were already pursing a major renovation but decided to not tell you about it before you moved into your home. Most residents are unaware that a major renovation project is under way in our apartment community; which is causing our neighbors (and soon yourselves) an intrusive, loud, rude and unnecessary nuisance. Most residents will obtain a written warning of this major upgrade on the Friday before the plumbing work starts on the following Monday. This means you have a one weekend notice to clear the bathrooms, kitchen and closets. The work will last at least 30 days (and in some cases closer to 60 days, as was recently endured by a family with their newborn child).

This project is causing residents to be forced to deal with "construction hours", drywall debris around the home, broken personal property, loss of water pressure and/or hot water and in extreme cases overnight flooding in the apartment. Please take the opportunity to hear your neighbors speak out about this unnecessary "upgrade" so that you have knowledge before it affects you and your family.

***Please go to our Yahoo Group for the latest details:***

We, the undersigned, demand monetary compensation throughout the renovation period given the change of lifestyle, inconvenience, intrusion, loss of square footage and loss of quiet time during this process at The Reserve Apartments located at S. Winchester Blvd San Jose, CA. 95128.

This monetary compensation must equal the total duration in work hours of the renovation project in combination with the lost square footage amount throughout the Reserve Apartments. The total compensation rewarded will be divided equally by all of those involved with this petition.

Furthermore, I am a current resident of the Reserve Apartments located on S. Winchester Blvd in San Jose, CA.

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