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United Kingdom

On Monday 15th june 2009 at 8.10am 12yr old school girl Hannah Hudson was tragically run over and killed on Britannia road, Morley Leeds LS27 on her way to school. Another death has happened on this road due to drivers speeding.

We need action NOW to top this happening again on this road. How many more deaths are we going to have before something is done?!!!

We, the undersigned are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to stop cars speeding and over taking which are taking kids away from their parents.

Traffic calming is needed on this stretch of road as some drivers are not aware of the speed limit, this is a built up area with a lot of children and we can not have drivers speeding up this road. Some form of traffic calming is needed there also needs to be another crossing near where it goes into single line traffic as this is where most people cross heading to local schools and the local kids playground.

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