Greenpark Homes, Arista Homes, Fieldgate Homes

As purchasers of homes in the Milton Trails on the Escarpment community, the sales representatives of our builders promised at the time of purchase that a berm and sound barrier wall would be built along the railway tracks at the East end of our community along Duncan Lane.

For many of us, the Mattamy homes community on the South side of Derry Rd was pointed to as an example of what we could expect. Many of us purchased our homes near or directly across from the railway tracks based on this promise. Now the builders are only building a partial berm in select areas, and have stated that, although promised at the time of purchase, they are not obligated to build a berm & wall as originally promised and therefore ARE NOT GOING TO.

We feel they should have to make good on their promise as this directly, adversely affects our quality of life and potentially the future resale value of our homes.

We, the undersigned, call on Arista Homes, Fieldgate Homes and Greenpark Homes to make good on the promises of their sales teams regarding the building of a berm and noise barrier wall next to the railway tracks at the East end of the Milton Trails on the Escarpment community along Duncan Lane.

We feel that our quality of life, due to the noise of constant trains and the unsightly view of warehouses and buildings, has been directly and adversely affected by the failure of these three builders to follow through on the promises made as part of their sales pitch.

We also feel that without said berm and wall, the future resale value of our homes has been negatively affected.

We therefore call for prompt action to be taken by these three "reputable" builders to build the berm and wall along Duncan Lane, living up to their word, and at the same time enhancing the quality of life of homeowners and the overall look and appeal of the neighborhood.
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