State of Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood
United States of America

See Radley Balko's articles:


Go to and/or

Using the site's search engine, type in Steven Hayne and/or Michael West.

Also see:

Serious issues are raised in these articles that warrant further investigation.

I am also urging you to click on this link, copy and paste the letter to President Obama or create your own. Mail a copy at least once a week to the President. Address is on site:

Attorney General Jim Hood,

In order to bring TRUTH AND JUSTICE back to Mississippi, We The People are demanding that the state RE-OPEN the cases involving Hayne and/or West's testimony, immediately implement a full-scale investigation, and place a moratorium on the death penalty.

[quote] "Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it." [unquote] George Santayana

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