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Stop the abuse and starving of an equine.

ok here is a true story that is happening right now and it's a horse i know.

ok i go to my friends house and she owns a horse but it is too young to ride so we go to her neighbors house and we ride rambler her neighbor's quarter horse palimino gelding. he was abused and only trusts me and hayley.

well she went out to feed him and he charged at her and tried to run her over cause i guess she spooked him. the last time i saw him was i think a month or 2 ago and when i did he was a big fat horse now he is nothing but skin and bones. she got mad and stopped feeding him. hayley has been bringing bowls of food and oats over there in the middle of the night to give him at least something to eat.

she can't give him too much cause tiems are tough right now on her and her dad and they aren't really able to provide food for 2 horses. rambler isn' really broke but he lets me and hayley ride him.everytime you get up on him he either bucks, rears or kicks to try and get you off but after you let him know ti's ok and give him a few carrots he calms right down.

i just moved and now i live like 40-50 miles away from hayley now and so i can't see her near as much anymore if i could i would go over there and give that lady a peice of my mind. idk what to do. will he starve to death? or will someone do something. i can't idk the address or anything.

Stop the abuse and starving of an equine.


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