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Honorable Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh
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Subject: - A kind request to you to invite Software Companies to operate in Chhattisgarh State

Respected Sir,

Myself Amit Kumar Agrawal, resident of Chhattisgarh (currently staying at Bangalore, Karnataka) requesting your few precious minutes to go through my petition.

Sir, I have pursued my Bachelor of Engineering in stream of Computer Science & Engineering from Raipur Institute of technology, Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Currently I am working for a software company at Bangalore, Karnataka.

Sir, when I see the development graph of our state, I have sufficient reason to cheer for our state. Though our state is one of the fastest growing states of our country. But still there is some space for further development.

If we compare the development of our state with other states like Orissa and Bengal, then I see that these states are growing faster than us, and I feel that we (Chhattisgarh government) are lacking some where. I gave a very serious thought to this problem, and tried analyzing the same by discussing with my seniors, friends and other experts.

The strongest point that came out as a conclusion of these discussions was that IT (Information Technology) is one of the major revenue generating sectors in all these states and cities. And that is the only sector where we have not yet made our presence.

Sir, I closely observed the overall development of Orissa state in recent years, The chief minister of Orissa (Mr. Naveen Patnaik) invited Software companies CEOs like Narayana Murthy (the then CEO of Infosys), Azim Premji (Chairman of Wipro) and others by promising them full support and perks (such as land acquisition etc.) from the government for opening their branches in his state.

As a result of this effort, the state was able to attract Infosys Technologies, Satyam Computer Services and many more for setting of their Development Centers in the state. And this resulted in the great increase in the state’s revenue as well as development in almost all the areas (few of them are Infrastructure, Employment and Revenue).

Below is the statement, made by the C.M. of Orrissa on the eve of Independence Day.

As regards growth in the information technology sector, the Chief Minister said Bhubaneswar was fast growing as a major IT hub in the country. Companies such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Genpact and Satyam had already started their operation and very soon many companies were going to begin BPO business, he said.

1.The State’s software export is likely to cross Rs 700 crore during the current financial year, the Chief Minister said.
2.Infosys technologies invested more than 135 crores in its Bhubaneswar development center.
3.The state government has set up an ambitious target of exceeding Rs. 1,000 crore software exports by 2007-2008.

Sir, by not taking more of your time, I here by take a humble opportunity to request you to invite the CEOs, MDs of major Software Companies to open their branches in our state. By doing this, even our state can climb the ladder of rapid development in a shorter span of time.

Since all the IT companies are trying to do the cost cutting to compete with BRIC Nations, they are searching for Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, for their BPO centre and development centers. So that same quality of work can be delivered with comparatively less expense. It is a great opportunity for us to invite them by taking initiative.

Domestic companies like Infosys, Wipro, and TCS etc are looking alternative locations in India to expand as metro cities are getting expensive. Many states in India are seriously working hard to attract them to their states, as it brings not only employment but also huge tax benefits. This is the right time and Chhattisgarh Government should take this advantage and grasp the opportunities by providing special incentive to these companies to open their branches in our state..

Sir, I am quite sure that we shall get the positive response from them. Hence ultimately our state will get benefited.

Below are the areas which would certainly get benefited by implementing this step.

1. Great development in terms of infrastructure.
2. Great development in terms of employment, at least 10000 engineers every year will be benefited directly. As a result at least hundred crores of rupees can be generated as an income with these employments.
3. Revolutionary increase in the revenue of our state. Expecting approx. 500 crore rupees will be added to our state revenue.
4. Indirect employment, like addition of colleges, new students to be enrolled for the IT courses will generate large sum of money which can be used for other sectors to get developed.
5. IT is the one sector, by which we can provide the equal opportunity to the students of our villages as well. There is always shortage of manpower and suitable skills, by implementing career oriented courses in our villages, we can give them the equal opportunity to get into these software jobs.

This is a matter of fact that Chhattisgarh state is producing more than 10000 engineers every year, but only a part of this strength is being absorbed by some mechanical, steel and likewise industries of our state, but unfortunately our state has not yet started to cater to the needs of software engineers as a whole and even for other streams opportunities are very few.

And as I have already pledged that by bringing in the IT & BPO industry to our state, we will open our door for lot many other employment options like security Agencies, Construction companies, Ceramic Industries, Hotels, better state of the art facilities, Road and Air transport etc.

I would express our sincere desire on behalf of all Chhattisgarh engineers (who are currently working outside Chhattisgarh) to work for our state and to contribute towards the growth of our Chhattisgarh state. But currently we don't have any software company's branch operating from Chhattisgarh, so we are left with no option other than looking outside the state for employment.

This petition has the support of 515 enthusiastic people, who belong to Chhattisgarh and neighbor states, and are currently staying in different places of this globe.

We all have the dream of serving our own Chhattisgarh state and this dream can not be fulfilled without your support and kind initiative.

At last I would convey our sincere thanks to you for reading our humble opinion and request.

It would be a great privilege for us, if we can be of any help in initiating any process or step towards this operation.

Sir, we will always look forward to your kind response and guidance.

Sincerely Yours,
Amit Kumar Agrawal on behalf of all supporters of this petition
Mobile - 91 – 9986006580
Mail-id: -
Bangalore, India

UPDATE - Feb 21, 2010

Dear All,

There is one update from my side regarding petition.

ADDITIONAL CEO of Chips (Mr. A M Parial) Chhattisgarh had called me and congratulated us for this initiative.

He told that Our Chief minister has great interest in these kind of young group and their future contributions to Chhattisgarh..

He was also saying that they are trying to invite the companies to our state and are offering lot of lucrative offers and all kind of support to make this happen. but somehow he feels that we have to have some more basic facilities in place to achieve this.

He was also very confidently saying that CG government will support all the individuals who have plans to set up any software company at our state.

Please go through below links to know more about CG IT policies.

Main Link for downloads:-

Overall he was sounding enthusiastic and quite optimistic.
He asked us to lend our support to them whenever required for this initiative.
And I have promised him the same as this will in turn make our dream come true.

So guys, Lets feel good about this as we at least heard from them and they appreciated us.
This should rejuvenate the energies of all the supporters and make us believe that our efforts have started showing its worth.

Congratulations to you all....



Dear All,

This is Amit Kumar Agrawal, a Chhattisgariha requesting your kind attention on this petition.

I would be grateful to you, if you could spend your few minutes to go through this petition.

Please do provide your healthy support by signing this petition, if you find the same a worthy initiative for the development of our Chhattisgarh state.
And I would also request you to circulate this message in all your friends who can help us in promoting this initiative.

If you are a orkut user then please go to the below link and do join this community.

Note: Any one can sign this petition. Even if you are not from Chhattisgarh and want to contribute towards its growth, we would be more than happy to hear from you.

At last I convey my sincere thanks to you for all your time and support.

Thanks and Regards,

Amit Kumar Agrawal

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