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Due to being cohersed and lied to by a state provided attorney, and told to plead guilty because the attorney hadn't even looked at my case, the judge was angered and had 2 or 3 instances where he told the lawyer to come back to his chambers.

Still after all that he still wouldn't represent me so I asked the judge for another attorney, but the judge said no. It was later explained by another attorney that he couldn't do that because that would an automatically be malpractice on that lawyer. At this point my family came up with as much money as they could and we hired an attorney for 15,000.00 and 10,000.00 was paid up front. When he took the case he said that this was a cake walk and that the case should have been thrown out of court at my preliminary hearing because of the circumstances and the evidence.

But then he did pretty much the same as the first lawyer and when it came time for court he informed me that he had no case prepared, that the judge would grant no continuances, and the only thing I could do was to plead Guilty and take a plea bargain.

I have tried contacting every government official I can think of and still cannot get any help. Everyone that knows me and knows about what has happened is in shock that our government can get away with doing us like this, but in a small town you had better be careful what you do and where you go because the wrong place at the wrong time happens a lot more than we "the citizens of the US", realize until you walk into a store and interrupt a scam or deal that we shouldn't have seen.

All I Wanted was another lawyer and a fair trial before an unbiased jury because all the evidence was in my lap and I had done nothing wrong.

For court appointed lawyers to do their jobs and if they do not then the court should appoint another one even if that means the first will be charged with malpractice.

Grant me a trial without the fear of people. Justice is not blind it does definitely see the color green$. And you are truely guilty until proven innocent, at least if you don't have the adequate funding.

If you agree that we as a people deserve the adequate defense of an attorney that the court system appoints and to a fair and unbiased trial then I ask that you sign this petition.

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