The fact that we are certain that the campaigns have been made aware of the petition and the lack of any position statement from them, coupled with Albert Howard’s decision to file for a recount (now done, receipt in his hand!) means it appears that neither the Paul nor Obama campaigns are going to be taking us up on this one!

All is not in vain however, as I believe that this petition has served three important purposes.

1. It has shown “them” (whoever “they” are?!) that the American people are not going to just lie down and take it.

2. It has shown the campaigns that we feel VERY strongly about this issue (many supporters of BOTH campaigns are disappointed that their candidate has not heard them on this one.)

3. It has shown how bipartisan the people can be and how, on an issue such as this, they can come together in a way that transcends mere politics.

With that in mind, please feel proud that you were a part of this. The petition closed with some 3663 signatures despite only being open for around 36 hours!

I will print the results electronically and send them to both campaigns in a .pdf in the hope that they learn as much from this experience as we have.

Best wishes,

Shaun and Natasha Hawkes


This petition is now closed.

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