Larkins Meadow Residents
United States of America

The City of Shawnee is considering a crosswalk back in the middle of Sequoyah between Cherokee & Independence Streets.

There is currently a crosswalk located at the corner of Cherokee & Sequoyah that is not currently being utilized. A gate could be put in at that end of the playground and the children could walk to the school safely from there.

Probably 99% of the children that would use the crosswalk are walking right past the current one at Cherokee. It is very dangerous for the children to cross in the middle of the street.

It would also congest that area since that is where the drive is for the buses and vans picking up & dropping of the kids and a resident drive.

We, the undersigned, oppose a crosswalk being put in the middle of Sequoyah between Cherokee and Independence and request that the crosswalk currently located at Cherokee and Sequoyah be utilized.

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