Dalbo Inc. draws opposition petition

Published on Dec 07, 2006

Opponents of a proposed evaporation pond near De Beque have raised their voices electronically on an online petition. The petition garnered 21 signatures as of Wednesday against a proposal by Dalbo Inc. to construct evaporation ponds near De Beque.

Stopping construction will prevent contamination of the Colorado River as well as nearby irrigation-water supplies for crops, from the hazardous chemicals contained within the evaporation station, the petition reads.

It also says the facility is unwanted, “as it could leak, and cause our water supplies to become contaminated and endanger lives, which depend on these water supplies.”

The petition was started by Liz Franklin of De Beque. Signers included several De Beque residents, as well as Palisade and Collbran residents, and people from Pennsylvania and Minnesota.

Source:  GJSentinal.com

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