Effort to Save Red Raider Outfitter Prompts Thousands to Sign Petitions

Published on Nov 18, 2006

Marketwire.com has posted a press release from Outfitter, Public Outcry Over Texas Tech University Licensing Department's Strong-Arm Tactics Reaches Fever Pitch. The press release continues, 

"One day after Texas Tech University reported amassing $400,000 in legal fees to pursue a trademark infringement lawsuit against a small, family-owned business, people throughout Texas and across the country are expressing outrage about the University's tactics.

Student petitioners have been collecting signatures on the Texas Tech campus and across Lubbock urging University leaders to drop their efforts to shut Red Raider Outfitter down. Thanks to the students' sophistication with new media, the grassroots initiative to save the company is attracting worldwide attention. They are using GoPetition.com to spread the word, posting the petition online at www.gopetition.com.au/online/10116.html."

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