Dep gets deflowered?

Published on Oct 12, 2006

Canadian news website has published a fascinating story Dep being fined out of business for flowers. Amy German writes, "Some residents of Mile End are taking up a battle with the Plateau Mont-Royal borough over whether a dépanneur owner should be able to place the flowers that she sells outside of her Bernard Street store."

"Tammey Lau, a struggling mother of 13, has owned her store located at 162 Bernard W. for 17 years. But every summer she places her flowers within a one-foot perimeter of her establishment and the city (who owns the sidewalk) tries to fine her at a high rate, upwards of $6,000."

"In her defence, local resident/activist Aleece Germano has started a petition (at to see if Lau can be exempt from bylaw 01-277 article 353, clauses 4 and 5, under which she has been consistently fined. (Though the borough was contacted for comment regarding Lau's situation, they were not able to respond by press time.)"

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