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Stop the Park Hills Conservancy

Petition published by Gretchen Stephenson on Jan 07, 2017

We, the undersigned, are against the Park Hills Conservancy, as it is written, being used for public city-owned... more

Save the New Professionals Program

Petition published by Kehinde Akande on Jan 06, 2017

We, the undersigned, believe that the New Professionals Program is a fruitful and essential program for supporting students in evolving from stellar scholars into polished professionals, and request that necessary support be provided to assist in continuing this program... more

Put Lights Up to Bring Accidents Down at the intersection of SR 101 and CR 175

By signing the petition you are joining with others to request that a traffic device to be placed at the intersection mentioned... more

Stop Waffle House Construction at Entrance to Country Lake Estates Neighborhood

Petition published by Country Lake Estates Homeowner Association on Jan 04, 2017

We, the undersigned, request that the Waffle House does not construct a 24-hr diner at the Louetta and Sorrel Ridge entrance to the Country Lake Estates... more

Rebuild the Berlin CT Train Station

Petition published by Berlin CT Historical Society on Jan 02, 2017

We, the undersigned, support the rebuilding of this structure, using as much of the salvaged material as possible, to commemorate rail travel in Central Connecticut and what it has done and will do for our... more

Preserve Edwards State Park

Petition published by Alycia Ramirez on Dec 28, 2016

St Edwards Park, an iconic state park that many of us bring our children and families to enjoy the scenic grounds and have enjoyed ourselves is in danger of being altered in ways that may be detrimental and disturbing to the natural surrounding habitat.... more

Enact Probable Cause in United States Public K-12 Schools

Petition published by Jonie Ernst on Dec 28, 2016

We, the undersigned, call on the Federal Congress of the United States of America to enact a policy of probable cause, guaranteed to US citizens through the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, in United States public k-12... more

Speed Bumps on Glenhaven Dr.

Petition published by Residents on 4225 Glenhaven Dr on Dec 28, 2016

We, the undersigned, request the installation of Speed Humps to reduce vehicular speeds along 4225 Glenhaven Dr from 4228 Glenhaven Dr. to 4202 Glenhaven Dr. This petition will help with safety for pedestrians and children in our... more

Improve the Visibility of All Issaquah Highlands Crosswalks

Petition published by Jon Gallant on Dec 28, 2016

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Issaquah to improve the visibility of Issaquah Highlands... more

ASPCA Please Stop the Horrific Ads!

Petition published by Diana Brooks on Dec 27, 2016

We, the undersigned understand your mission to help as many animals as possible. Many of us are animal rescuers and/or animal-lovers in general. We are empathic individuals.... more