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Build a Better Lowcountry Public Transit System

Petition published by Lowcountry Up Is Good, PAC on Aug 05, 2016

We the undersigned resolve that local Governments should propose and we would vote to approve a referendum to fund and build a Bus Rapid Transit system linking Summerville, N. Charleston and Charleston with frequent, fast and reliable transit services including a... more

Create the Kingston Atelier Arts and Agri-culture Center

Petition published by Kingston Atelier arts center on Aug 03, 2016

We the undersigned, support the efforts of Kingston Atelier and their work to restore the structure and integrity that was the Princeton Nursery at the Mapleton... more

Citizens against taxpayer funded abortions

Petition published by Karen Nimmo on Aug 02, 2016

We, the undersigned citizens of the United States, ask that the Hyde Amendment not be repealed and that the choice of abortion and its cost lie solely on the person electing that life choice, not on... more

Eric Knox Field

Petition published by Tony Langdon on Aug 02, 2016

We are in favor of naming the newly remodeled Harrisburg High School football field in Honor of the late ERIC KNOX.

A son of this community he was a big reason for H.H.S success in... more

Missing Angels Bill

Petition published by Kimberly DiSalvo on Aug 01, 2016

We, Delaware residents, and people around the country, call on the state of Delaware to legitimize all births wether live or still with a certificate of... more

Request the NFL Reschedule for the Debates

Petition published by Drew Murray on Aug 01, 2016

Commissioner Roger Goodell & NFL Owners,

We, the undersigned, call on the NFL to attempt with the major television networks to reschedule the Atlanta/New Orleans game set... more

Petition Requesting U.S. Presidential Candidates To Pledge Against Mandatory Vaccination, Etc.

Based on the foregoing concerns, WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, as demonstrated by our individual signatures to this Petition, hereby DECLARE that we will not support the candidacy of any candidate seeking to be elected President of the United States unless he/she publishes... more

Oppose Physician Assisted Suicide in Ohio

Petition published by Greater Toledo Right to Life on Jul 29, 2016

We, the undersigned, are requesting that the Ohio Legislature take immediate action to oppose any attempt to legalize physician-assisted suicide.... more

Review Cruel Mishandling of Canadian Geese

Petition published by Save The Geese on Jul 29, 2016

Canadian geese are amazing creatures. They live among us at our parks hoping to be left alone to live out their lives just like any other wild animal.... more

Preserve Access to Florida Wildlife

Petition published by Wildlife Photographers on Jul 26, 2016

We respectfully urge the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to consider our point of view and the negative impact that excessive boundaries and restrictions could cause, not only to the recreational wildlife admirers, but also to the professional tour... more