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Mandatory Self Defense and Martial Arts Training for All Children

Petition published by Charlotte Walker on Jun 11, 2016

We, the undersigned, call on the Department of Education to integrate into the educational requirements mandatory self defense and martial arts training into all school... more

Let the People elect our own Representative

Petition published by Dave Neal on Jun 11, 2016

We The a People call on the 75th District Republican organization, and Springfield power-brokers, to refrain from appointing a State Rep to fill any vacancy in office until after the November election. Do not appoint a replacement Rep.... more

It's Not Too Late! Call upon the Green Party to nominate Bernie Sanders for President.

Petition published by No Frack Almanac on Jun 09, 2016

We the undersigned call upon the Green Party to nominate Bernie Sanders for... more

Save the College Ave. Ficus Tree

Petition published by The Whittier Conservancy on Jun 06, 2016

We, the undersigned, do hereby petition the City of Whittier to retain the beautiful, healthy, landmark ficus tree that graces and shades College Avenue, just north of Whittier Boulevard [closest property address: 13805-13815 Whittier Blvd.].... more

Attn: Texas SBOE - Put REAL Math Back into our Classrooms!

Petition published by Texas Parents & Taxpayers on Jun 06, 2016

Attn: Donna Bahorich, Texas SBOE Chairman

We, the undersigned Texas parents, taxpayers and educators call on the Texas SBOE to immediately repeal and replace the corrupt math... more

Bust the Filibuster!

Petition published by Andrew Kochinka on Jun 05, 2016

We, the undersigned, call on the Senate to reform its rules and regulations in an effort to abolish the concept of the... more

Stop the Glendale sign

Petition published by Edan McPherson on Jun 03, 2016

We, the undersigned, call on the city of Glendale to stop or change the wording of the proposed "welcome to Glendale" sign at the intersection of Foothill and Pennsylvania and at the intersection of Foothill and Lowell.... more

Bring back Freedom of speech for Christians at FORT RILEY KS

Petition published by Freedom of speech for Christians in FORT RILEY KS on Jun 03, 2016

We, the undersigned, fight for Christian beliefs and religious freedom. We disagree with Fort Riley and with their choice of banning Boykin from the prayer breakfast for his personal Christian beliefs.... more

Save the Jersey breed!

Petition published by Concerned Jersey Breeders on Jun 01, 2016

The undersigned urge the AJCA board of Directors to prohibit assigning Males, a JPI index, or other AJCA rankings, for animals that are less than 94% BBR, and to revisit and consider the registration status of such... more

Correctly Spell “Verrazzano” in Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

Petition published by iTALO_AMERICANi on Jun 01, 2016

Ladies and gentleman, I ask you to please sign this petition for the Italian-American community and the honor of the explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano. Italian-Americans have been flocking to the shores of this country in large numbers since the end of the 19th Century.... more