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Say No to College Football on New Year's Eve

Petition published by Mike Abrams on Dec 05, 2016

We, the undersigned, call on Bill Hancock and the College Football Committee Staff to find another time to air the playoff games. New Years Eve is a tradition that does not need College Football.... more

Please show your support for the NYC Fashion Fellows organization!

Petition published by NYC Fashion Fellows on Dec 04, 2016

We, the undersigned, show our support in the continuation of the New York City Fashion Fellows program by the current community of mentors and... more

Let's get Grable Cemetry cleaned up... a Pioneer Cemetery in Cass Co. Indiana

Petition published by Pam Prathaftakis on Dec 03, 2016

We the undersigned call on the Township Trustee Ray Staller and County Commissioner Mr Anderson to get the Grable Cemetery cleaned up. If the cemetery condition is not addressed soon it will deteriorate beyond repair.... more

Free Domain Names Offer for UF Students

Petition published by Tom Foreman on Dec 03, 2016

P E T I T I O NTo: Domain Names Owner

We, the undersigned students at the University of Florida (UF), do hereby agree to the terms listed below for acquiring ownership of... more

Bring e85 to Lafayette

Petition published by Nick on Dec 03, 2016

With automotive companies making the change to flex fuel vehicles, it is imperative that we have the fuel available within a reasonable distance. The closest available station offering e85 is located over sixty miles away from Lafayette, Louisiana.... more

Support the construction of the FishHawk All Wheel Terrain Park

Petition published by FishHawk All Wheel Park Advocacy on Dec 02, 2016

We, the undersigned, call on the Hillsborough County FL Parks and Recreation Department for an immediate re-design and construction of an inclusive "all wheel" pumptrack terrain park as a replacement for the currently decommissioned FishHawk skatepark, located on Osprey... more

Recycling Bins for Navarro College in Corsicana

Petition published by Navarro Honor's College Recycling on Dec 01, 2016

Help us bring back recycling bins to the Navarro College campus, and make our campus green and clean once again.

"Don't trash our future:... more

San Francisco Mayor Lee - Fund Prop E - Manage Trees and Fix Sidewalks!

Petition published by Nature In The City on Dec 01, 2016

Mayor Ed Lee -
We urge you to fully fund Prop E for trees. On November 8th, San Francisco mandated the city to start taking care of city sidewalks and trees with a clear majority vote of 79%. ... more

BAN Barry County Fracking

Petition published by Ban Barry County Fracking on Dec 01, 2016

I am asking for all citizens that are opposed to the current permit application for the installation of disposal wells in Johnstown Township right here in Barry County, to say "NO" to the approval of this disposal well.... more

SAVE P45 Mountain Lion - Stop Permit to Kill!

Petition published by Susie Shannon on Nov 30, 2016

We, residents of California, call on the Department of Fish and Wildlife to rescind the Kill permit against the P45 mountain lion living in the Santa Monica Mountains and instead seek solutions that allow wildlife to coexist with farm and domesticated animals who... more