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Defend the Religious Freedom of Churches - Oppose AB 569

Petition published by Salt and Light Generation on Jun 30, 2017

This bill is currently coming up in committee and if passed will soon be voted on by our CA Senate. We are urging our Senators to OPPOSE this bill, to strongly consider the consequences this bill will reap, and to protect the churches constitutional right to religious... more

Obnoxious and Anonymous: Restore Streaming Privileges

Petition published by C.R. on Jun 30, 2017

Please review the wrongful ban on live streaming on the "Obnoxious and Anonymous" channel. There is absolutely no inappropriate... more

Pool Covered Structure

Petition published by Stephanie Hall on Jun 29, 2017

We, the undersigned, request the City of Goose Creek to place a covered structure over the pool in order to allow the citizens to have use of the pool year around. It will allow our city to have a youth and master's swim team, accessibility for fitness to the... more

Cannabis Production and Processing Facility in Solon Township, Michigan

Petition published by Bio Logic Consulting on Jun 28, 2017

42° seeks to serve a growing population of qualifying patients who are in need of safe access to medical cannabis. We strive to serve separately licensed provisioning centers based in the surrounding area to fill patient's needs.... more


Petition published by David Kellum on Jun 27, 2017

We the undersigned, will present this petition to President Donald J. Trump, all House and Senate Members when 100,000 signatures are obtained. President Trump has promised to review all petitions with more than 100,000... more

United States Bi-Partisan Health Care Reform

Petition published by Jesse James Devoreaux on Jun 26, 2017

We the undersigned citizens of the United States Of America demand that our duly elected representatives to the U.S Senate and U.S. House Of Representatives do their duty as we see fit and repair the current law of the United States known as "The Affordable Care Act"... more

A Mother's Love

Petition published by Robyn Rinear Winston-Coleman on Jun 26, 2017

I sign this petition in favor of sole custody being given to Robyn R. Winston- Coleman. I attest to the fact that she is both willing and capable to continue the duties of a mother and provider for her son. It is in the child's best interest to be with his... more


Petition published by Lana Reagor on Jun 26, 2017

We demand that the City of Grapevine City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission remove the Heritage Bridge construction from the proposed bond list for the 2017 bond package and thereafter.... more

Murray Hill Four Corners Playground

Petition published by Candace White on Jun 23, 2017

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Jacksonville to install a small neighborhood playground at the Southeast Corner of Four Corners Park in Murray Hill (or alternate location Herbert Bayer... more

Reinstate Coach Michael Oliva

Petition published by janet gaines on Jun 23, 2017

We strongly feel that Michael Oliva is a positive influence on our children, families and on the entire Pearl River Community. He demonstrates a deep concern for his players and an exciting enthusiasm for the sports he coaches. We are asking the Pearl River... more