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Spay/Neuter Laws in Texarkana Needed

Petition published by Caroline R. on Aug 19, 2017

Please sign, and register your concern as an animal-lover, one who understands the public health risk that unwanted dogs roaming loose can present - in the form of dog bites or even a rabies epidemic - and one who understands how morally wrong it is to abandon an animal... more

Save Triangle Dog Park

Petition published by Friends & Members of Triangle Dog Park on Aug 18, 2017

We, the undersigned Members and Friends of Triangle Dog Park respectfully plea to and call on PENN DOT - 95 REVIVE Administrators on behalf of our K-9 friends who cannot speak for themselves to refrain from the destruction of Triangle Dog Park... more

Save the Stanley Nine

Petition published by Brendan Rudge on Aug 17, 2017

We, undersigned citizens, request that the City of New Britain, CT, via the authority of the New Britain Historic Preservation Commission take the appropriate steps to prevent the unreasonable demolition of the Historic Stanley Works factory complex at 2 Myrtle... more

Save YouTubers from the adpocaylpse and being NSfA

Petition published by Ahmad Hassan on Aug 13, 2017

We, Youtubers and Watcher, request that you stop stripping hard working people of income and stop trying to appeal to a PC audience and instead allow those who enjoy there content to support them through... more

Daddy Yankee in Good Morning America NYC

Petition published by Evelyn on Aug 12, 2017

We, the undersigned, call ABC Good Morning America to present Daddy Yankee on their morning... more

Dispute Petition

Petition published by Vyron Johnson on Aug 12, 2017

We the undersigned call on County Council to amend/ eliminate this new 2 am ordinance which restricts hours of operation for establishments that allow on-premise consumption of... more

Bring back Lab Rats for Season 6!

Petition published by World Change on Aug 10, 2017

For many seasons this show has entertained many children and older kids. To end this show is basically ruining the entertainment of millions of people. All that we ask is for at least a movie or for new episodes to air. Together, WE can bring this show... more


Petition published by Andrew J Botkin on Aug 09, 2017

Kasting Park Field Petition

The community of Seymour, IN would like to file a petition to stop the skinning of the grass infields at Kasting Park Diamonds 1 and 4.... more

Petition for Increased Street Safety for Children in Mountain View

Petition published by Mountain View Hope Covenant Church on Aug 08, 2017

We, the undersigned, call on the Mountain View Community Council and the Municipality of Anchorage to increase the safety on the streets of Mountain View. Specifically, we ask that the intersection of Richmond Avenue and Price Street be changed from a 2-way stop... more

STAND UP FOR BILL (And Other Vietnam Veterans And Their Families)

Petition published by Barbara Rodgick on Aug 08, 2017

We, the undersigned, call upon the Secretary for Veterans Affairs, to direct the VA to offer continuing professional education (CPE) to United States health care workers, so that Vietnam vets, with presumed connected diseases, can be identified and referred to the... more