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Jobs Guarantee pilot program in 5 cities

Petition published by Steve Hull on Jun 30, 2016

Please sign this petition to ask the Congress to establish a Jobs Guarantee pilot program in 5 volunteer cities, and monitor the results for two years.... more

Keep Mud Fest Going

Petition published by Stephanie on Jun 30, 2016

We, the undersigned, believe that Mud Fest is an important part of our family and community entertainment. It is held on private property and we are trying to adhere to previous city request i.e. Not parking on the street.... more

Tell the Planning and Zoning Board Our Seniors Need Affordable Housing!

Petition published by Oakridge Crossing on Jun 20, 2016

The lack of affordable housing in Fort Collins is well documented, and poses special problems for seniors on fixed incomes. Beyond that, safe communities designed for seniors to live and thrive in are becoming increasingly difficult to find.... more

Omar Mateen should NOT be buried here in Florida or anywhere in the United States

Petition published by Sheila on Jun 16, 2016

Omar Mateen should NOT be buried here in Florida or anywhere in the United... more

Acting on Our Commitments

Petition published by In the World on Jun 14, 2016

June 13, 2016

To those who love and are loved:... more

Call on Congress to declare war on ISIS

Petition published by Bobby Stone III on Jun 13, 2016

We that sign below demand that out government take action and declare war on ISIS and any other radical terror group and unleash the full military might of the United States to help prevent the death of innocent lives of all faiths across the globe as it seems that no... more

Mandatory Self Defense and Martial Arts Training for All Children

Petition published by Charlotte Walker on Jun 11, 2016

We, the undersigned, call on the Department of Education to integrate into the educational requirements mandatory self defense and martial arts training into all school... more

Let the People elect our own Representative

Petition published by Dave Neal on Jun 11, 2016

We The a People call on the 75th District Republican organization, and Springfield power-brokers, to refrain from appointing a State Rep to fill any vacancy in office until after the November election. Do not appoint a replacement Rep.... more

It's Not Too Late! Call upon the Green Party to nominate Bernie Sanders for President.

Petition published by No Frack Almanac on Jun 09, 2016

We the undersigned call upon the Green Party to nominate Bernie Sanders for... more

Save the College Ave. Ficus Tree

Petition published by The Whittier Conservancy on Jun 06, 2016

We, the undersigned, do hereby petition the City of Whittier to retain the beautiful, healthy, landmark ficus tree that graces and shades College Avenue, just north of Whittier Boulevard [closest property address: 13805-13815 Whittier Blvd.].... more