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University Wisconsin Madison - stop torturing cats

Petition published by Suzanne Thorpe on Sep 13, 2012

We demand that this university stop its experiments on cats without delay and do not experiment on any animals in the horrific ways they have been doing.... more

Get Nellie on Ellen

Petition published by Carly Rodgers on Sep 12, 2012

We, the undersigned, are signing this petition to help get Nellie Veitenheimer on The Ellen Show.

To perform and share her story / interview with... more

Ask McDonald's to serve veggie burgers

Petition published by Hungry Citizens for McVeggie Burgers on Sep 11, 2012

We, the undersigned, respectfully call on McDonald's Corporation to continue its charge of late to make its menu healthier and more varied by adding a veggie burger to their... more

500 Teachers Can't Be Wrong!

Petition published by Stacy Jones on Sep 10, 2012

We the undersigned teachers hereby endorse Meryl Rice for the position of State Senator, Tennessee Senatorial District 26.

The Meryl Rice for State Senate campaign is also authorized to use my... more

Show the Movie "2016: Obama's America" and Save the Country

Petition published by Randel Barnhart on Sep 10, 2012

We the undersigned Americans, ask Mr. Dinesh D'Souza please, for the sake of saving this great nation, to air his revealing and true documentary on a nationally watched television channel or station.... more

The U.S. Must Avoid the Trap on East China Sea

The push by the Japanese right-wing faction to officially seize the Diaoyu Islands has been heating the confrontation between the Chinese and Japanese authorities. The Japanese militarism and imperialist expansionism that underlie its ongoing provocation is a... more

Stop the Blackout of WTHR to Dish Network

Petition published by Erin Reid on Sep 09, 2012

We, the undersigned, call on Dispatch Broadcasting, the parent company of WTHR, to eliminate the 350%+ price increase they are asking of Dish Network, and offer a more reasonable price to Dish Network.... more


Petition published by Elle Varga on Sep 08, 2012

Dear Governor Christie,

With every passing day approximately 200 dogs/400 cats are euthanized in the state of NJ alone. That's 72K dogs, and 144K felines... more

Help Stop Sudden Cardiac Arrest - AEDs should be more accessible

Petition published by Sudden Cardiac Arrest Coalition on Sep 06, 2012

We the undersigned agree with the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Coalition and its member organizations that automated external defibrillators (AEDs), along with strong Emergency Action Plans should be in all schools and places of public gathering, including sports venues,... more

Mary Alice Park Boat Ramp Access Improvement

Petition published by Jeff Bowling on Sep 05, 2012

The solution this petition is recommending is as follows:

1. Extend the 2 existing boat docks via adjustable cable winches and added catwalk sections.... more