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Don't cancel Jane by Design

Petition published by Jessica Abbey on Aug 18, 2012

Don't let them cancel Jane by... more

Support Traditional Cultural Property for Native Americans at Coldwater Springs

Petition published by ColdwaterSpringsSacredSite2012 on Aug 18, 2012


Because of the white-only history bias and clear-cut tree fiasco Friends of Coldwater urges interested parties to support TCP status... more

Make Improvements to Minaya Park

Petition published by Margaret Sanchez on Aug 17, 2012

We are requesting to modernize Minaya Park in Mission Viejo, CA by replacing, adding or major overhaul of current playground equipment.... more

Stop photos or videos of animal abuse on facebook

Petition published by Cheri Quillen on Aug 17, 2012

We call on facebook to eliminate photos and videos of abused animals and to start taking action by investigating or reporting these photos or... more

No reclaimed wastewater on the San Francisco Peaks!

Petition published by PTP on Aug 17, 2012

We urge the City of Flagstaff to sincerely take our concerns and the findings of both Dr. Propper’s and Dr. Silver’s studies into consideration and to uphold your second guiding principle:... more

Alert and protect the public from packs of attack dogs

Petition published by Terri Carmack on Aug 15, 2012

We, the undersigned, call on The Dearborn County Commissioner to alert the family who own a pack of attack dogs who live on Log Cabin Road in Lawrenceburg, IN. that we would like to have those dogs muzzled when outside, and that they post "Beware of Dogs" signs on their... more

Support a Student Bill of Rights

Petition published by Institute for Navigation in Higher Education on Aug 14, 2012

We the people of the United States of America call for:

a) The creation of a Student Bill of Rights which clearly states those rights pertaining to students at federally funded institutions... more

Support Mommy milk on Facebook

Petition published by Catlyn McElheny on Aug 10, 2012

We, breastfeeding mothers, our nurslings and supporters demand that Facebook leave our breastfeeding pictures on... more

Deny Variance Requests

Petition published by Deny Variance on Aug 10, 2012

Dear City of Houston Planning Commission,

We the undersigned respectfully ask the City of Houston to deny:... more

Preserve Needham Trees

Petition published by Jeff Fitzgerald on Aug 07, 2012

We, the undersigned customers of Northeast Utilities and citizens of the town of Needham, petition Northeast Utilities to cease its planned clear cutting of all trees and work together with its neighbors, town officials and state agencies in order to provide... more