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Linda Nakibuuka - ASYLUM NOW!

Petition published by Kiwah on Jun 01, 2012

We call for Ugandan lesbian Linda Nakkibuuka to be granted... more

Do not close Chirton Primary School

Petition published by richard dunn on May 31, 2012

We, the undersigned, call on Mr. Lionel Grundy, the cabinet minister for Wiltshire Schools; in the interests of the children and parents, staff of the school, and the whole village community; to keep Chirton Primary School open.... more

Change U.K. Jam Law to support British business

Petition published by Paul Gorman on May 30, 2012

We, the undersigned, call on the U.K. government to reduce the permitted sugar level in jams to 51%.

During these recessionary times, it is vital that the U.K. government... more

Stop Hull City Disabled Season Ticket Hike

Petition published by Dermot Rathbone on May 30, 2012

We the undersigned demand that Hull City Football Club reverse their decision to target disabled supporters with a 200% or £300 season pass price hike.... more

Stop the GeNOcide of the indigenous Brits

Petition published by Donna- on May 30, 2012

I am strongly against the genocide of the indigenous British... more

Free Jacqueline Woodhouse

Petition published by Ross Brough on May 29, 2012

We the people are asking for the immediate release of Jacqueline Woodhouse as we see the 5 month prison sentence to be far to severe for the minor crime she committed which was nothing more than being drunk and disorderly, also she was being taunted by the so-called... more

Revamp Beech Road Under 7's Play Area - Horsham

Petition published by Lynne Tumber on May 28, 2012

This park equipment hasn't been updated since the late 80's when I used to play on it! It is downright disgraceful and DANGEROUS!

We all need to complain to Horsham District Council as they have... more

Save Kingscote Playing Fields

Petition published by Anita Ahuja on May 28, 2012

We, the undersigned, completely oppose the development of the playing fields for residential use and the permanent loss of land as playing fields and for community... more

Review Walking Route from Belstone to Okehampton College

Petition published by Zoe Hague on May 23, 2012

We, the undersigned, call on Devon County Council to reconsider this route with the health and safety of the children in mind.

This path is not reasonably safe even when accompanied by an... more

Make the junction of Mitcham Lane and Ambleside Avenue in Streatham safe

Petition published by Jonathan Bartley (Green Party) on May 22, 2012

We, the undersigned, call on Transport for London to:

- Implement a longer crossing time at this junction so children, older people and those with mobility impairments have enough time to... more